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If you are in need of a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mark Schaffer can provide you with amazing results that will leave you smiling for years to come!

At Northcreek Dental, we are dedicated to helping people like you! You’ll find we use the latest technological advances in cosmetic dentistry and the highest quality materials as part of our commitment to creating bright smiles that last a lifetime. We’d love to help you with any of your dental needs. Make an appointment today to get an initial consultation.

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  • "The staff is very kind and helpful. I appreciate that and the fact that Mark does his best to make me comfortable and to understand each step."

  • "Dr. Mark Schaffer is the best dentist I've ever had. He is interested in fixing dental problems the right way, not just to make a huge profit like some other dentists I've had."

  • "Dr. Schaffer always comes in with a smile and asks how you are doing. He tells you what he is going to do so I'm not scared. I've always been scared to go to a dentist, but I look forward to them now with Mark as my dentist."

  • "Dr. Schaffer and his staff have very good communication skills and they all work very hard to keep all of the clients satisfied and comfortable."

  • "He takes time to talk to my whole family - not only about our dental issues but about other things that may be going on with us. To him, we're not just another patient."

  • "Dr Schaffer is very gentle. Our experience with some dentists has been that if you are feeling pain during a procedure you "deal with it". Dr. Schaffer takes extra caution in making sure you are as comfortable as possible."

  • "He has great compassion and has interest in his patients as individuals. Dr. Mark takes a person interest."

  • "His work is impeccable. He wants the best outcome and will work until he gets it."

  • "Dr. Schaffer has a great interest in the newest methods and equipment available. He obviously reads journals and goes to training to continually stay on the cutting edge for his patient's welfare."

  • "He takes time to explain what the options are and then lets you decide what to do. There isn't any pressure to do it right now."

  • "He is very through at explaining your options and the procedures. He never pressures a patient into anything. He lets you make your own decision."

  • "Dr. Schaffer and his staff are such caring people and they share about their lives and families and they bring a real small town atmosphere to their office that you don't see a lot of in a bigger city."

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